KIDNEY HELPER (120 capsules)

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KIDNEY HELPER(120 capsules) vitamins and supplements improve circulation to the kidneys Improved kidney function helpful in the dissolution of the kidney stones and gall stones

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About Kidney Helper – Improve kidney function & assist with kidney stone removal

KIDNEY HELPER, is a specific tonic for the kidneys. This formula is slightly diuretic, but it primarily improves circulation to the kidneys helping them get rid of accumulated debris and improving their efficiency. Improved kidney function will be helpful in the dissolution of the kidney stones and gall stones but this formula’s not specific.

A proprietary blend containing:
GOLDENROD TOPS (Solidago viraurea) – known to be specific to kidney function.
HORSETAIL (Equisetum hyemale) – Since Horsetail is a very rich source of silica from nature it is thereby recommended for kidney and bladder problems. However, Horsetail is most specific and is especially helpful for kidney and bladder irritations, such as scalding or burning urine. It is somewhat diuretic, but especially soothing.
HYDRANGEA ROOT (Hydrangea arborescens) – Sometimes called seven barks, Hydrangea has a reputation of dissoving urinal calculi. It is a specific for urinary and testicular disorders that are associated with phosphatic urate mucus urinations. These are the conditions that contribute to calculi formations. In other words Hydrangea tends to correct the conditions that bring about lithic formations.
PLANTAIN LEAF (Plantago major) – One of the best volinary herbs in nature. Plantain is very healing to the issue. Used externally for cuts, bruises, and burns, it has the same effect internally. Not only does it promote healing of the tissues of the kidneys and bladder, but is also soothing in its action and is an astringent thus helping clean sludge deposits in the kidneys.
FOENUGREEK SEED (Trigonella foenum-graecum) – Considered a lymphatic detergent, Foenugreek is a cleanser of the lymphatices. It is also soothing to the kidney and bladder area and helps break up mucus plaque, therein increasing its elimination. Foenugreek is a demulcent to the kidneys and bladder area.

This formula also contais EDS (Enzyme Delivery System) which is a blend of enzymes nd co-factors to insure nutrient release and benefit.

Recommended Use:
One to two capsules three times each day or as directed by your doctor (Based on 150 lbs.)

Improved kidney function / dissolve kidney stones

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