ENERGI (60 capsules)

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ENERGY PLUS GUARANA (60 tablets)ENERGI, is especially designed to effect metabolism, provide an energy boost and to stimulate endocrine balance and rejuvenation.


60 capsules. This formula, ENERGI, is especially designed to effect metabolism, provide an energy boost and to stimulate endocrine balance and rejuvenation. A proprietary blend containing –

PRIMARY INGREDIENT: GUARANA ROOT (Paullinia cupana) 600 mg. – This plant of many legends from Brazil contains natural caffeine and is know as a physical and mental energizer.Taken daily by millions in Brazil, Guarana is known as a blood cleanser and intestinal disintoxicating agent as well as an energy boost.

SECONDARY INGREDIENTS: SIBERIAN GINSENG ROOT (Eleutherococcus senticosus) – This most famous of oriental herbs produces a root that is used to treat low blood pressure, nervous exhaustion, muscle fatigue, and chronic debilitating illness. Ginseng stimulates metabolism, circulation, digestion, oxidation in the cells, and endocrine gland activity. Because it contains various steroidal substances, including estrogen, ginseng has been used to treat sexual dysfunction, menstrual cramps and the symptoms of menopause. Its ability to stimulate all body systems has made it useful in treating asthma, and other pulmonary weakness. Ginseng is an adaptogen (explained herein).

SCHIZANDRA BERRIES (Schizandra sinensis) – As far back as 2697 B.C. Schizandra was classified as ‘superior’ by Pen-tsao and in Beng Cao Gang Mu, a great pharmacy book of the 16th century. Schizandra is listed in the highest ranks. It is said to increase energy, replenish and nourish the viscera (internal abdominal organs such as intestines, lungs, etc.), improve vision and boost muscular activity.

Quoting Dr. Kari-Otto Aly, Schizandra is an adaptogen, that is it helps your body help itself. While all nutrients are valuable and required for sustenance, only the adaptogen will prompt the body to release its own sluggish and oft-weakened powers of self-revitalization.

Adaptogens help the body remain vital and healthy even under stress and affect the energy supply of cells in the brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, ands, nerves, etc., energizing them and allowing them to function properly even under stress.

There is a most important secondary effect of this normalization of the energy supply of the cells. All body cells are continually renewed. This most basic function depends upon a pair of nucleid proteins know as RNA and DNA. Adaptogens energize the RNA-DNA molecules to rebuild cells.

Scientific tests have shown that the most remarkable results were to be found from the powerful combination of both Ginseng and Schizandra. Guarana provides a quick energy boost and the adaptogens, Schizandra and Ginseng, provide a lasting metabolic balance and buffer the nervous effect of caffeine in the Guarana.

Contains EDS (Enzyme Delivery System), a blend of enzymes and co-factors to insure nutrient release and benefit.

Recommended Use: Take two to four tablets one half hour before each meal, as needed. (Based on 150 lbs.)

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