About Us

About Us


Hannigan’s Vitasentials is a small family run business our passion is to help people find their personal best and to live life healthy and happy. When we feel good life is better! Our experience is a combined experience of over 25 years.

We strive for fast, friendly, reliable service every order. Being a small business brings accountability and trust. We do it all, from placing your order to packing your shipment. Every order has a personal touch from start to finish. Our customers and your business matter to us.

All of our manufactures have been chosen for quality, purity, potency and dependability. We are not about “fads” but products that are proven to be the best industry standards available. You deserve results.

Unfortunately toxicity and deficiency is part of the world we live in. Environmental pollution combined with poor diet, lifestyle choices and a lack of knowledge leads to sickness and disease. We don’t want to just sell a product but encourage awareness . Supporting your health and wellness should be a number one goal.

Here at Vitasentials your health and happiness is OUR number one goal. Welcome to the family!